Loquat and Strawberry Galette

For Loquat Foam (A Quick Dessert.)

Whip the whites of five eggs to a stiff froth; sweeten with two cupfuls of powdered sugar and stir in gradually one cupful of loquat jelly. Serve in sherbet glasses with a teaspoonful of whipped cream on the top of each. A sprinkling of ground nuts added at the last, gives a delicious flavor.

Loquat Cream.

Beat the yolks of four eggs until light; add five tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar, and one cupful of loquat juice. Cook all together, stirring constantly till thick. Remove from the fire, stir in the whites which have been whipped to a stiff snow and sweetened. When cold, serve immediately in custard cups.

For Loquat Dumplings.

Make a crust the same as for apple dumplings: roll out and cut into oblong pieces; spread two tablespoons of marscapone on each oblong; put two tablespoonfuls of seeded loquats and two tablespoons of chopped strawberries in the centre of each. Add one tablespoonful of sugar and fold in the paste. Lay upon a floured baking pan, with joined edges upward and bake about forty minutes. To be served with sweetened cream, or with a hot sweet sauce.

Our recipes this week come from or are adapted, with thanks, from The Old Foodie website and EyeDocBakes

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